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Keisui (Pear)


Keisui is an original pear variety from Ibaraki Prefecture, known for its low acidity and deep sweetness, with a fragrant and refreshing taste. The harvest season for Keisui pears typically falls in early to late September. As autumn progresses, the flavor becomes richer, reaching its peak. Compared to other varieties around the same time, Keisui pears are larger, providing a satisfying eating experience with a crisp and refreshing texture.
Due to its limited production, Keisui is a highly sought-after variety that can be challenging to obtain. The “Legendary Keisui” variant brings out the best of Keisui characteristics—large size, exceptional sweetness, and a crisp texture. These pears weigh approximately 1 kilogram per fruit, with a sugar content of over 14 degrees. Only about one in 10,000 pears meets the criteria for this extraordinary Keisui variant. The development of Keisui was the result of 17 years of effort, with researchers and technicians from the Ibaraki Prefectural Agricultural Center collaborating and crossbreeding the “Shinsetsu” and “Chikusui” varieties from roughly 4,300 individual plants. Keisui has since been cultivated in partnership with producers to consistently yield high-quality fruit and was officially registered as a variety in fiscal year 2011.


FeaturesKeisui (Pear)
Country of OriginIbaraki, Japan
Available seasonSeptember


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