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Ibaraking (Melon)


Ibaraking was developed with a heartfelt desire to become the “king” of melons in Ibaraki, signified by the name. In the development process, a premium Arls-type melon with excellent taste and aroma was selected as the father melon. Over a period of more than 10 years, the researchers carefully selected the mother melon from around 40,000 individuals and conducted over 400 different combinations.

The result is truly a top-class melon. It is characterized by its elegant fragrance, sweetness, smooth texture, and fine, juicy flesh. It has an excellent shelf life, ensuring a long period of delightful consumption. A significant feature is its fruit’s impressive size, with Ibaraking melons being more than 10% larger than standard spring melons.


FeaturesIbaraking (Melon)
Country of OriginIbaraki, Japan
Available seasonMay - June


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