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Yaki-imo (Roasted Sweet Potatoes)


Healthy, incredibly sweet, and free of added sugar, roasted sweet potatoes are like a natural confectionery.
Ibaraki Prefecture is famous for its roasted sweet potatoes (yaki-imo) in Japan, and these sweet potatoes have exceptional characteristics:

  1. Local Varieties: Ibaraki Prefecture is known for cultivating local varieties of sweet potatoes, which have rich flavors and a unique taste. Ibaraki-grown sweet potatoes possess distinct characteristics that make them delicious when roasted, setting them apart from sweet potatoes in other regions.
  2. Regional Tradition: Ibaraki Prefecture has preserved traditional methods and techniques for roasting sweet potatoes. This tradition contributes to the rich flavor and the delightful, slightly crunchy texture of roasted sweet potatoes.
  3. Sweetness: Ibaraki’s roasted sweet potatoes have their own unique sweetness, setting them apart from sweet potatoes in other regions. The sweetness of roasted sweet potatoes is beloved by many, especially during the autumn season.
  4. Local Farmers: Local farmers in Ibaraki Prefecture produce high-quality sweet potatoes, some of which are roasted and made available to consumers. Collaborating with local farmers ensures you can enjoy fresh and delicious roasted sweet potatoes.


FeaturesYaki-imo (Roasted Sweet Potatoes)
Country of OriginIbaraki, Japan
Available seasonAll year round


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