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Ibarakiss (Strawberries)


Ibarakiss is an original strawberry variety developed in Ibaraki Prefecture, officially registered in December 2012.

This variety is the result of crossing “Tochiotome” (the mother), known for its firm flesh, with “Red Pearl” (sweet and large) and “Sho-hime” (mild acidity and soft texture) as the parent varieties.
The development of “Ibarakiss” took eight years of extensive research and evaluation. Researchers examined over 10,000 plant samples, carefully assessing characteristics such as color, shape, and taste to select the best specimens.

The most prominent feature of “Ibarakiss” is its high sugar content, balanced acidity, and rich flavor profile. It also possesses a satisfying firmness and a juicy texture. These strawberries are somewhat elongated in shape, and their skin is a glossy, deep red color.


FeaturesIbarakiss (Strawberries)
Country of OriginIbaraki, Japan
Available seasonDecember - March


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