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Hoshi Imo – Dried Sweet Potato


Japanese Natual Healthy Snack

Hoshi imo is a sweet potato snack popular in Japan. It is made without any sugar but it tastes so sweet naturally. Hoshi imo is a great way to get all the nutritional benefits of Japanese sweet potatoes conveniently and deliciously without cooking at all. The drying process removes much of the moisture from the sweet potatoes, resulting in a concentrated flavor and great taste.
This hoshi imo is made from Beni Haruka. Beni Haruka is a type of sweet potato and this is one of the sweetest sweet potato in Japan.
You can eat this as it is, off course! By warming up the hoshi imo a little bit in an oven or toaster, you can enjoy more flavor of sweet potato.

More information for order
We can introduce different types of Hoshi imo with a various price range, size of the package, expiration date. The shorter the expiration, the softer the texture, and the better it tastes. Both by air & ship are available.
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